We are excited to announce the launch of the SDS mentoring program!

The SDS mentoring program hopes to build empowering relationships between its experienced and developing members. We need you!

We’re seeking experienced and dedicated people to mentor developing scholars, activists, and advocates, and we’re looking for eager and engaged members who would benefit from working with a mentor.

The time commitment is flexible, depending on the relationships that mentors and mentees develop together. If you’re interested in being a mentor or mentee, please complete the SDS Mentoring Program questionnaire only once via whichever of the following formats is most accessible for you:

Google Form:

Survey Monkey:

You may also access a voice recording of the questionnaire below:


If you want to complete the questionnaire by giving the information over Skype, a phone call, or using another method of communication, please email the co-coordinators Ryan Parrey ( or Dale Katherine Ireland ( so that we can work with you in your preferred communication method. Please also email us if you have any questions.