Who We Are

In the Society for Disability Studies, there are a number of caucuses which “designate groups that are under-represented within society or SDS as an organization.” Composed entirely of students (undergraduate, graduate, professional), we are one of those caucuses and actively work on behalf of students, whose interests and needs can all too often be obscured in scholarly associations like SDS.

Among other things, our caucus sponsors a number of events at each annual conference as well as coordinating initiatives and discussions throughout the year. To learn more about What We Do, take a look at that tab in the navigation menu above. And if you are interested, in addition to this site we also have a facebook group you can join and a twitter account you can follow.

Caucus Coordinator: Adam P. Newman  



If you have any accessibility issues when using this website, please contact adampnewman89@gmail.com and if you could be specific about the issues that you have that would greatly help us to improve the site’s accessibility in the future.