Annual Conference

In addition to our Caucus business meeting, at each annual meeting of the Society for Disability Studies the Student Caucus sponsors a number of initiatives aimed at our membership, ranging from a caucus social to professionalization roundtables and panels. The following is a listing of our current ongoing initiatives and who will be coordinating them for the upcoming SDS conference (June 2016) in Phoenix, AZ. For information about the 2015 iterations of these initiatives, please see this page:

New Members Panel

Coordinator: Carla Lewis-Irizarry (Chapman University)

Undergraduate Panels

Coordinators: Clare Mullaney (UPenn) & Crystal Lie (UMichigan)

“Traditional” Academic Professionalization Roundtable

Coordinators: Kylie Boazman (Central European University) & Candice Casas (UNC-Greensboro)

Alt-Ac/Post-Ac Professionalization Roundtable

Coordinators: Amy K. Smith (CUNY) & Lauren Rose Strand (Ohio State University)

Digital Access Facilitation Team (DAFT)

Coordinators: Adam P. Newman (Emory University) & Dale Katherine Ireland (Graduate Center, CUNY)