Organizing Events on Your Campus


Many of us are involved with organizing disability-related events and building disability and disability studies communities on our campuses, so we thought we’d collect some useful resources here to help folks do so.

As we see it, there are two key issues to consider in relation to organizing disability events: 1) What kind of event you want to organize (a film screening? a lecture? a performance?); and 2) how to make that event as accessible as possible for all participants.  You can find resources in relation to both issues below.


1. What kind of event to do?

Society for Disability Studies – Speakers and Performers Roster (forthcoming)

In addition to the above roster of speakers and performers (use of which will support SDS), a great place to start when thinking about organizing events for your campus is to see what has been done elsewhere. Below are some links to established Disability Studies Programs/Initiatives that have organized events on their respective campuses and might serve as useful models:

Emory University Disability Studies Initiative

University of Wisconsin-Madison AW Mellon Workshop in Disability Studies

University of Michigan Initiative on Disability Studies

University of Oregon Disability Studies Initiative

The University of Toledo Disability Studies Program

New York University Council for the Study of Disability

The Ohio State University Disability Studies

University of California-Berkeley Disability Studies Minor


 2. How to Make it Accessible

Making disability-related events (and all events) as accessible as possibly is a vital issue and one can be daunting to approach without resources. Below are a few guides that might help in the process.

Syracuse University Beyond Compliance Coordinating Committee Guidelines for Accessibility

Composing Access Project